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  • Walter is a Germinabunt.

    He is a wood sprite, part of the Tabiatiana genus.  He is always sleepy and loves to curl up in a sunny spot and snooze for hours.  Because these sprites are very small when the need to defend themselves arises their mouths will slit opens and revels razor sharp teeth that contain a poison that can stun or kill the recipient.  Walter learned the power his family held when he saw his father die using it to save him and his seven siblings from a monster that thought they would be easy pickings.  Walter takes this responsibility very seriously and has trained all his life to gain control of his power.  Because of this fear Walter doesn’t like to talk very often and has become an excellent listener and secret keeper. 

    The Figments by Cross’ Critters
    Have you ever noticed something out of the corner of your eye but by the time you turned to look at it was already gone?  That would be a Figment.  They live among humans and go unnoticed most of the time.  They have societies and towns and even traveling circuses!    

    Walter is made from soft fleece fabric and firmly stuffed with polyfil.  His eyes are made from hardened resin and firmly attached to his face.  He stands around 15 inches high.   His eyes are a bit fragile so be warned that rough play with Walter may result in damages.

    Walter The Figment Monster Plush

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