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  • Stella is a Piera. 

    Stella loves trains of all kinds, old trains, cross-country jet trains, even subway trains.  Her favorite place to hang out is under the benches at Grand Central.  She finds the most interesting things there and meets the most interesting individuals.  She likes collecting information and artifacts and making them into something new.  For instance, she found an old piece of newspaper and made it into a hat and uses it as a prop to tell stories to other monsters and people she meets.  She train hops and travels from station to station to see them all and meet everyone she can.  

    The Figments by Cross’ Critters
    Have you ever noticed something out of the corner of your eye but by the time you turned to look at it was already gone?  That would be a Figment.  They live among humans and go unnoticed most of the time.  They have societies and towns and even traveling circuses!    

    Stella is made from soft glitter fleece fabric and firmly stuffed with polyfil.  Her eye are made from hardened resin and firmly attached to her face.   She stands around 12 inches high.   Her eye are a bit fragile so be warned that rough play with Stella may result in damages.

    Stella The Figment Monster Plush

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