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  • Ollie is a Saol

    Ollie is a wizard.  His powers are immense and sometimes it is hard for him to see past his own desires. His best friend Franklin used to encourage him to do the best he can but Franklin died in a tragic circus accident. Since then, there has been no one to help keep Ollie on the straight and narrow.  Ollie can’t take the loneliness and turns to necromancy to solve his problem.  He uses his grand powers to bring Franklin back from the dead.  

    The Figments by Cross’ Critters
    Have you ever noticed something out of the corner of your eye but by the time you turned to look at it was already gone?  That would be a Figment.  They live among humans and go unnoticed most of the time.  They have societies and towns and even traveling circuses!    

    Ollie is made from soft fleece fabric and firmly stuffed with polyfil.  His eyes and skull clasps are made from hardened resin and firmly attached to his face.  He stands around 15 inches high.   His eyes and skull claps are a bit fragile so be warned that rough play with Ollie may result in damages.

    Ollie The Figment Monster Plush

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